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The realization – Being used by a married man When I was involved with a married man, I felt terribly used.I hated myself for doing what I was doing, and yet, I couldn’t help myself. That’s what happens to any woman who’s involved with a married man, because when you’re the “other woman” there are no weekends together, no family parties, no meeting friends, nothing.He’d love you physically, but his emotions still stay with his real family.This can piss off just about anyone, especially when they’re so madly in love, but the promise of better things to come in the ‘near’ future and the sex is just too good of a promise to spurn the advances of a married man.When I asked Papa about it, he said that his attitude towards me was none of their business, and that he didn’t need to see them if they were going to say bad things about his child.I was in town because I wanted to tell them in person that I had legally changed my name and gender.

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And women, by nature are completely helpless in such circumstances.He simply nodded his approval and introduced me to everyone as his child.When I came back down to New York from Boston for the weekend a few weeks later, my stepmom told me during one of her bouts of obsessive housecleaning that there were friends and relatives who disapproved.Getting into a relationship with married men We love helping people we like out of troubling situations.

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And admit it, you’d love a man who’s a mess, if he likes you. But when he looks towards you for emotional support and love, the same things his own wife, apparently, doesn’t provide him, you end up falling in love, more with his emotional affairs rather than anything else.

But I didn’t expect him to be so unconcerned when the queer in question was his child — his first-born son.

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